Every month of the year brings with it its own unique gifts and pleasures, and December is no exception.

It’s easy to miss some of what the season has to offer with all the hustle and bustle that the Holiday season brings. The farmers market abounds with hard squashes, root vegetables and now the first citrus; the delicious tangerine is plentiful. Dungeness crab season is also underway, a quick 13-minute steam and some drawn butter and it’s a party!

Also here locally, the season’s first real measurable rain has brought forth the jewels of the forest floor. On a recent outing I found myself a beautiful specimen of our secret local favorite, the Pebble Beach Porcini. If the rain keeps up it will bring forth a plethora of varieties of which my personal favorite, the chanterelle (in my early Canada years, I foraged for them to make money). They are already available from Washington and Oregon, and are making an appearance on our mid-winter menu at Point Pinos Grill. If you are lucky or a good planner (during or just after a good rain spell) you will see our locally foraged mushrooms make frequent appearances as specials.

Rich hearty soups, stews, and oven-braised dishes are featured items on all of our menus. They help warm us up on a cold rainy day, or when the chill sets in after the sun disappears from the sky. These dishes are also naturally rich in essential nutrients that bolster our immune system, and can stave off catching “that bug that’s going around” (but don’t forget to wash your hands…often).

I would like to take this opportunity thank you all for your support this past year and to wish you all the happiest of holidays during this most wonderful time of the year.

Stay warm, play in the snow, and I will see you next year!

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