As we get ready to “spring forward” and delight in the brighter, longer days of the season, look around and watch the fields burst into life. You will see that artichokes are in full swing, asparagus is in abundance, and the season’s first strawberries are starting to appear. Spinach and baby greens are coming from local farms as opposed to the Arizona desert and Mexico. It is a perennial rebirth of sorts, one that sparks motivation and a brighter outlook that incrementally increases each day.

I have been reading about new food trends for 2013 and saw mention of a topic that came up in 2012: Fresh vs. Frozen -which is better?  While I am not a supporter of pre-made, prepackaged meals (okay, so the TJ’s Mac-n-Cheese is an occasional guilty pleasure), I found it interesting and worth sharing that it is predicted that this year the myth that fresh is always more nutritious than frozen gets debunked. It is a fact that frozen fruits and vegetables which are typically harvested in season and flash frozen costs less. This reinforces the FDA statement that there is virtually no nutritional difference between fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables. This does make sense and I support the statement but only when you want to enjoy foods that are out of season. I do not recommend filling up your freezer with frozen fruits and vegetables in lieu of eating fresh foods, in season, from local sources. However, a bag of frozen peas can certainly come in handy.

In keeping with the tradition of all things new with the arrival of Spring, we will have some upcoming announcements in the next month, so stay tuned…

Be well.

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