267scr_3a00f29c85106b3Great occasions deserve the best food.

No matter where you are in your planning, AQUA TERRA Culinary can help you design the best culinary experience for your guests. We have a vast collection of example menus to choose from, or – let us help you start from scratch and meet the theme of your wedding, no matter the size or location.

Choose from a variety of our own partner venues, including famed Gardener Ranch in Carmel Valley – or, our own restaurant with a view of the Asilomar coast, Point Pinos Grill. To learn more about our venues, click here.

1352scr_c18ec5ff3a74795Have a location selected? AQUA TERRA can cater anywhere from the beach, to the valley, and the city, and can help you coordinate equipment rental from one of our local partners.

Great occasions deserve the best caterer with the most collective experience in the business.

Contact us to get started today, and let us help you create the perfect menu and experience for your guests.


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