Doesn’t a smoothie sound great right about now?

Forget an apple a day, a healthful smoothie using fresh, sustainable ingredients is the way to go. The AQUA TERRA Culinary team will soon be offering to the members of Carmel Valley Athletic Club a new smoothie line that will portray the best vegetables and fruits of the season.

We hosted a smoothie tasting demo in the café not too long ago, the members picked the banana and avocado based smoothie as their favorite. We really enjoyed working to create the different flavor aspects of this smoothie, and after all of the tasting and experimenting we did, this one was my favorite as well.

Avocados are very low in Cholesterol  despite a higher fat content and are also an excellent  source of Dietary Fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Folate. Additionally they assist with the absorption of antioxidants from other fruits and vegetables, and are considered the best fruit source of vitamin E; an essential vitamin that supports the immune system and helps maintain overall health. The addition of the banana provides even more fiber plus potassium, and the other magical super ingredients, makes this smoothie a must try.

To help round out our new smoothie menu there will be a green smoothie packed with organic kale and spinach; and also every kid’s favorite a berry based smoothie, whose magical key ingredient is prickly pear juice. Using the cactus pear regularly in your diet will result in the drop of glucose levels, and by reducing the glucose levels in your blood your hunger level will also reduce. This wonder fruit has high fiber content and consuming whole foods with high fibrous content will make you feel “fuller” for longer durations.

Being healthy during this cold winter is made easy by adding a nutrient dense low calorie flavor pack diet to your daily routine. Eat all the whole foods you can, and maintain a high intake of vitamins and essential nutrients daily to ward off unwanted illnesses and keep you healthy and active.

If you happen to feel a little under the weather, stop by the Refuge here at CVAC and replenish yourself. You deserve it.

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